English Vocabulary Exercise

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Điền vào chỗ trống từ vựng thích hợp.

1. Try not to ..... her with such gruesome stories.

2. They are very ..... to their guests.

3. The ..... forces fought for possession of the mountain pass.

4. Helping that family was a very ..... thing to do.

5. With ..... he thanked everyone for their help.

6. You have to ..... him when he is in one of those moods.

7. We were asked a .....question.

8. Not even this bitter experience crushed his .....

9. ..... can be congenital or caused by some childhood illness.

10. Jim is quite knowledgeable but pretends to be an .....

11. My departure is .....

12. Wild animals are .....

English Vocabulary Exercise

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