Prepositions Or Conjunctions Exercise

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Điền vào chỗ trống với một từ nối hay giới từ thích hợp.

1. She couldn’t qualify for the race ..... having trained very hard.

2. He couldn’t pass the exam ..... he worked very hard.

3. She sat ..... me across the table.

4. .....did he start going out with her than she fell in love with another guy.

5. I was hardly inside the house ..... the lights went out.

6. ..... had I closed my eyes when the dog started barking.

7. She has been a go-getter ..... her childhood.

8. The shop was open .... the morning.

9. We had to cancel the picnic.....bad weather.

10. He doesn’t care .... his appearance.

11. She is ..... the Harvard School of Business.

12. I won’t be leaving ..... Friday.

Prepositions Or Conjunctions Exercise

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